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Comprehensive Plan

The first Allegany County Comprehensive Plan was created in 2007 & 2008. A group was appointed by the Chairman of the Legislature to undertake this review with the County Planner and Development Office.  The Comprehensive Plan update is complete.  The Final Plan has been released to the Allegany County Legislature and approved as of October 15, 2013.  




Three Full Binders with the Appendices



A Full Set of the Document & Appendices

The links below are for the Final "2020 Vision Allegany County Comprehensive Plan 2013 - 2023". 


Comprehensive Plan Binders ready to be sent to Towns, 

Villages, Agencies and Organizations


Section I General Overview [1.77 MB]

Reduced Taxes; Community Pride; Data; Sustainability

Section II Community Facilities [1.4 MB]

Community Structures; Communications; Infrastructure; Transportation; 

Section III Rural Character [2.25 MB]

Agriculture; History; Cultural Resources; Environment and Natural Resources; Opens Space / Parks Inventory; Open Space/Recreation

Section IV Economic Development [1.12 MB]

Economic Development Issues; Business Locations; Business Investment; Marketing; Business Sectors

Section V Intergovernmental Cooperation [798  kb]

Intergovernmental Cooperation; Planning and Land Use

Section VI Housing, Health and Public Safety [1.07 MB]

Housing Inventory & Analysis; Housing Programs; Health; Emergency Management; Police and Sheriff 

Section VII Implementation [458 kb]

Project Priorities; Grants; Comprehensive Plan Adoption Procedures; Integration and Additions to the Plan; Comprehensive Plan Review Cycle; Summary and Closing

Maps 2013


Appendix A   New York Statutes General Municipal Law: 239 - D

Appendix B   Establishing a Special County Comprehensive Planning Committee 86-07

Appendix C   Appointment of the Allegany County Comprehensive Planning Committee 2011

Appendix D   State Environmental Quality Review Forms and Information

Appendix E    Allegany County Planning Board Resolution for Adoption

Appendix F    Allegany County Legislative Board Resolution for Adoption

Appendix G   Chronology of the Plan Update

Appendix H   Allegany County Planning Board Complete Street Resolution

Appendix I    Allegany County Coordinated Public Transit – Human Services Transportation Plan

Appendix J    Communications Report 2011

Appendix K   Telecommunications and Business Approach Report 2013

Appendix L    Allegany CWNY Regional Sustainability Plan 2013

Appendix M  Allegany County Agriculture Development and Farmland Enhancement Plan

Appendix N   County Forest Management Plan 2012

Appendix O  Allegany County 2011 - 2015 Multi-Jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Plan

Appendix P   Allegany County Strategic Tourism Marketing 2013

Appendix Q  ACCORD Community Assessment 2011

Appendix R   Allegany County Youth Bureau 2007 Annual Report: Statistical Comparison of Youth Participation

Appendix S    Allegany County Department of Health 2010 – 2013 Community Health Assessment

Appendix T   2009 – 2011 Allegany County HEAL-9

Appendix U   Allegany County Comprehensive Substance Abuse Prevention Plan 2010

Appendix V   Allegany County Student Risk and Protective Factor Survey 2011

Appendix W  Allegany County Community Partnership on Aging Strategic Plan 2009

Appendix X   Allegany County Chapter of the Red Cross: Disaster Response Plan

Appendix Y   Triple Divide Trail System Plan

Appendix Z   Projects Listing 2013

Any Comments or suggestions may be submitted in writing only to:

Allegany County Planner

6087 NYS Route 19 N

Belmont, NY 14813

or via e-mail to with subject line: Comprehensive Plan Comments 

 The Comprehensive Plan Implementation Group

The Comprehensive Plan Implementation Group is a group made up of members of the Economic and Business Community, Tourism Community, planning and interested citizens of Allegany County.  They are appointed by the County Legislature.  They review actions and work to implement the actions that are contained in the Comprehensive Plan.


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