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Comprehensive Plan Implementation Group

The Comprehensive Plan Implementation Group is a group that was developed in 2009 and includes members representing Planning, Tourism and Development related interests.  The group is appointed by the Chairman of the County Legislature on an annual basis.  The basis of this group was to combine the power of the former Development Advisory Board, the Tourism Advisory Board and bringing these groups together with members of the Planning Board into a cohesive group.  The group meets most months on the 2nd Thursday at 2PM at the Crossroads Center.  The group discusses aspects of the Comprehensive Plan and the best way to spur implementation of particular issues.  The group allocates small amounts of seed money to projects that further the goals of the Comprehensive Plan.  Other agencies and groups often bring their concerns to this group and make proposals on new ideas for projects that will help in implementing the Comprehensive Plan.  Each year the group holds a special session in December.  For more information contact 

Current Members of this Group:

Lynn Bliven
Donald Cameron
Linda Clayson
Ed Eicher - Chairman
Bryan Gamache
Lee Gridley
Gretchen Hanchett
Steve Havey
Lee James
Charles Jessup
Steve Rennie
William Shuler
Scott Torrey
The Standard Agenda includes :
Call to Order
Approve Minutes
New Business 
Reports from :
Old Business
Good of the Order


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